In recent years the wide spreading of restaurants and pizza-restaurants has reached in the big towns an important size. This spreading has as a negative consequence the huge quantity of polluting substances - such as soot and smells - which those places give off in the air we all breathe. 

In order to solve this problem in a total and definite way, it is necessary to provide the facilities with equipment which can eliminate the noxious particles.

Ventitecnoful manufactures soot destroyers which are able to satisfy this need for all kind of public concerns


The rotary ovens have revolutionized the job of the pizza maker and not only. Thanks to this new technology, pizza cooking is managed entirely by the oven, which distributes with its rotary movement

the heat uniformly in each point, effectively eliminating the radiant side.

This allows you not to have to follow the cooking turning the pizzas and therefore dedicate the work mainly to the stages of spreading and seasoning, guaranteeing greater volumes of batches and shorter waiting times.

  • Assistance for flues
    equipment in the
    civil and industrial field

  • ecological power plants working 
    with activated carbon.

  • soot destroyers

  • Ordinary and extraordinary
    of installed soot destroyers.

  • intake equipment
    in general

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